The World’s largest supplier of outdoor leisure Products.

  • Under the current global competition among businesses, a single enterprise is not able to win the market anymore by its own effort. A stable strategic cooperative partnership with suppliers must be formed.

    Hengfeng is adhering to the mission of "Approaching Nature through Technology ", and determined to build a world-class leisure product enterprise.

    In order to improve the overall competitiveness of the company, Hengfeng is committed to the comprehensive supply chain management, in such a context of supplier quality engineering (SQE) emerged.

  • At present, the company has established a SQE team, mainly undertakes six major responsibilities: materials technology control, supplier auditing, supplier quality improvement, order implementation and process checking, material inspection standardization, environmental protection implementation.

    At the same time, the SQE team also carries out supplier training, business support, technical know-how transfer, unified standards implementation to support our partners to work towards a same goal with integrated, systematic approaches.