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    As one of the most professional manufacturers of camping products in the world, Hengefng never stops cooperating with top designers and engineers all around the world and under the help of them. Hengfeng is always leading the trend of camping items developments in the world. Just like now, although the market is still satisfying with regular materials like Aluminum, Hengfeng has made huge progress in the research and development in other new generation materials.

    In the past more than 20 years, Hengfeng concentrated superior resources in its own industry chain and finally achieved the completely connection among various industries including: the cutting –edge technology of DURA-LITE, manufacturing of DURA-LITE and the practicing of DURA-LITE.

    A brand new reduction metallurgy method had been applied in manufacturing of DURA-LITE instead of the regular sublimation method, which reduced energy consumption to an unbelievable extent and much improved the quality.

    From Alloying to extrusion, DURA-LITE is applying imported advanced techniques and processing equipment, which helps in creating top solid solubility of alloy elements and the best grain degree in the inner surface of DURA-LITE Alloy in microcosmic level. All of those elements enable DURA-LITE alloy to have the best physical strength and ductility.

    Special material needs special machining and assembly technology to match. On this purpose, Hengfeng dares to challenge and developed totally different processing equipment compare to that for ALU, which demonstrates its


    Technology has made marjor changes to the way we live and the trend of consumption , Topsun insists the sprite of keeping innovating and challengingwith the advocacy of newer ideas to actions ,newser technologies to life and never give up instilling stronger ,lighter, greener and more comfortable to outdoor products, as one of the world most professional manufaturers of outdoor products, topsunattracts talents from and abroad based on the constantly strive to the development and guidance of technologies for camping equipmentsogrop design jers, famousexperts and senior reachers, topsun have pioneered rearch to the updated new materials when the alunlf jum allorsstill meet the market objectives.,

    After 20 years of word, a new rearch of materials called dura-lite came into existence as required by the sitration

    Under the integration of advantageous resources of theindustry chain and mult industry cooperation, topsun has achieved the seamless connection between cutting-edge technologies and practical application of the dura-lite materials

    Much stronger-as a kind of new structural materials specially developed for outdoor camping products, all kinds of dura-liteindexsexceed the aluminum alloy material used now

    Muchlighter-dura-lite is the lightest among existing metal materials , whichis36% lighter than alu and77% lighter than iron.on the basis of changing the product strength it can greatly reduce the product weight, even comparable with the weight of plastics after improving the configuration of dura-lite

    Much-greener-forabundant and recyclingraw materials, dura-lite has shown excellent environmental protectioncharacteristic witha confirmed test that the ecergy-consunming indegradat jononly cost 430of the new material manufacturing .

    Bettershock-absorbing-in the elastic range with the same structure and impact tension dura-utecan effectively defense duffer attacks,as the tests confirmed, it shows 37vo deformation larger larger than aluninum alloy structure and 400% larger than steel structure.

    Facing the uninterrupted increasing living requirement of people, experts in topsun ceratively developedoutdoor special material called dura-dore with comfortable and health care through years of researching hopeing hope to help people can better enjoy the outdoor life.

    Dura-dore is a kind of material made fro three fiberlayears with the innovative structure design, according to its comfort properties of air permeability , softness and inextensibiligy, this man machine interface engineering material is specifically for outdoor beds and chairs.