• Talent Concept

    The company attaches great importance to the cultivation of human resources and strive to achieve a win-win development with employees.

    We actively help employees to positioning themselves and recognize their best side, and design career path and provide support accordingly.

    We provide channels like technical professionals, Business specialist, and management professionals, so that employees can achieve their best and grow together with the company based on personal interests and their expertise.

  • Competitive and Complete Benefits Package

    We are providing employees with competitive salary and benefits package in our business. No matter big plans like interest-free house mortgage loan, bonus family travelling overseas, medical insurances, or must-haves like shuttle bus, free-of-charge canteen, birthday party, travel & mobile subsidy, staff library, free coffee, as long as you can think of, we already have it or you can suggest to our management at a half-year basis.

  • Comprehensive Training System

    We believe that a mutual development between employees and the company is a strong base for our strategic plan. Therefore on-the-job training and opportunities of actual practices in different posts are necessary for solid development. For our key staff we provide MBA financial support, trainings in overseas offices, and practical trainings like lean production & engineering, IPD product development, international E-commerce, etc.

  • Team Building

    In Hengfeng, the post 80s generation has become the main force of our staff. For this young generation a harmonious working atmosphere and happy mood is no less important than what they are paid for. Here, you can join a variety of associations, basketball, football, badminton, fishing, outdoor trekking, etc. Every we hold a company level of team building organized by specialized talent development organizations, and we offer a company gym to help our staff to keep fit.